Posted on May 25,2017 in News

So if you think being an actor doesn’t mean that you don’t have idols of your own, you would be so wrong. While, at the iHeart Country Music Festival, who walks in the door, but two people who are no strangers to cameras, and they love country music too.  That’s right!
“Scandal” star,  Scott Foley and “One Tree Hill” alumni and actor and author, Chad Michael Murray!  Who knew!


Scott Foley and Chad Michael Murray!  Big Stars who are Big on Country Music and Love Giving Back to help others.

For years, these two actors have had a passion for music, and country music happens to pull at their heartstrings. Something else that pulls at them, is giving back. For Scott, it’s all about the animals. Did you know he loves to rescue dogs and give them a better life? Well, it’s true.

And for Chad, it’s all about the kids. Giving them better lives, giving them hope and especially, children receiving medical care in hospitals. That hits even closer to home. The fact that he knows exactly what they are going through, that he learned from first hand experience.

One thing they both agree on is that no action is too small, when it comes to helping others. Just do what you can, when you can. But most importantly, it’s about doing something, that makes all the difference.