Posted on Apr 04,2017 in News

Howard Rosenman is no stranger to Hollywood. He has been an Executive Producer and held many other rolls for over 40 years. He is an academy Award Winning & Peabody Award Winning Producer. He has a love for Producing Romantic Comedies. He also has a passion for helping people, especially when others do not or will not.

Inspiring Producer… Constant Advocate for the Future

Rosenman originally wanted to have a career in medical school. But, his mentor, famous composer Leonard Bernstein, encouraged him to take a different path. It would eventually lead him to Broadway, and then to Hollywood. And he has produced it all.

From his first feature film, 1976’s Sparkle, to The Main Event with good friend Barbara Streisand and Ryan O’Neal, to Resurrection with Ellen Burstyn & Sam Shepard, to Father of the Bride, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gross Anatomy, Straight Talk with Dolly Parton, the 2012 reworking of the film Sparkle, the list goes on and on. He also served as Executive Producer of Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt that later won the 1990 Oscar for Documentary Film and the Peabody Award.

His love for helping others has also, always been a factor of his life. He is Co-Founder of Project Angel Food in Los Angeles. Begun in 1989, the program started by providing much needed food for people living with AIDS who were could not leave their homes. Over the years, it has been able to expand it’s reach to include others such as Cancer patients and people with life threatening diseases.

Rosenman’s reach has been far and wide. He has impacted the direction of Hollywood and the movie going public for generations. And, with so many more amazing stories out there to tell, he has so much more to share with the world, and has no plans on stopping anytime soon.