Posted on Apr 28,2017 in News

When I arrived at the venue where I would be interviewing Brittany Hebert, I knew I was in for a treat.  Earlier in the day, I had heard that storm clouds were rolling in, and it could be a wash out.  But, not a drop of rain fell from the sky. It was as if something was saying, hold up, Brittany is doing something special, and no one is going to stop this from happening.  They were right!

Brittany Hebert: Standing up for Children with Cancer… and making a difference

Since the age of 14, Brittany has had a love for helping young children. Even with hardships of her own to deal with in her own family, it never seemed to stop her. As she tells it, the addictions that she saw in her family members, changed her life forever. Made her want more and strive to help others, who had so little, or nothing at all. Her goal, has been to fight pediatric cancer, and St. Jude was the way to do it.

From working her way through college on her own, with numerous jobs, or leaving the small Louisiana town she knew for a life in Houston, Texas, she couldn’t be stopped. Even as overwhelming and scary as it was, she would not turn back now.

So, on the day I talked to her, I was not surprised by the Big smile that greeted me. It was like a big hug was just walking into the room. For 10 years she’s been raising money for St. Jude, for 10 years she’s been fighting to help children who can’t help themselves. For 10 years, she’s seen what cancer can do to take hope out of a child’s eyes. And she does everything she can to bring that hope, and bring that smile.

The “Sky High” Foundation is not just a name, it’s a way of life. To go as high as possible, to break every barrier possible, to make life for children with cancer possible.