Posted on May 18,2017 in News

Being a household name is something many aspire to be one day. ¬†Being a success in the public eye for five decades, is almost unheard of in any industry, let alone multiple ones. But for Arnold Schwarzenegger, that’s exactly what he continues to do.

Arnold Schwarzenegger… Governor, Terminator, Mr. Olympia, Entrepreneur…. Helping Kids in Need

Whether it’s body building, investing, movies, businesses, politics, no challenge seems to great, and nothing seems to phase him. That’s a true testament to success. But, what’s also try, is that he never forgets where he comes from and he never forgets about children.

While, attending his friend NFL Superstar J.J. Watt’s Foundation Charity Classic, he makes it very clear, that children are the reason, we all should go above and beyond to help others. For years, Governor Schwarzenegger has made it his mission with his own foundation, to provide after school programs to keep kids safe, and provide educational opportunities they may not have access to, on their own.

He reminds others that, not only is it the responsibility of those in the limelight to do their part, but everyone must step up, to make this a better world for us all. He said that loud and clear while giving the commencement speech in May of 2017 at the University of Houston, and also, at J.J. Watt’s Charity Classic.

But, his work fighting for programs for children is not over. It’s a life long commitment he says we all have to work together to achieve. I think, because the next teacher, business leader, entrepreneur, athlete, lawyer, scientist, astronaut, entertainer, law enforcement officer, or political leader may one day have gotten their start, in an after school program.